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What is hello15?

Snap Finance loans are over a 15 month term. With hello15, if you settle your loan in the first 15 weeks you won't be charged any interest. We're flexible and your payments can be too. If life happens, you can just continue with your minimum payments over the full 15 months.

How to opt into hello15?

To opt into hello15, there will be a tick box at the end of the application whereby it will ask you if you would like to agree to paying off your loan within 15 weeks. If you opt in for this, our office will contact you directly on the contact details you have provided to set these up best suited to you.

Pay no interest, settle your loan in 15 weeks and get what you need next, sooner. Simple.

Can I make additional repayments alongside my arranged Direct Debit amounts?

Of course! There are multiple ways in which you can make additional repayments:

 Set up hello15 payments, and ask for additional Direct Debit payments to be set up, so as this will clear the loan within the 15 weeks.


Set up hello15 payments, and call into our friendly customer service team on 03300 109381 whereby you can pay as little or as much as you like over the phone.

Can I pay the loan off before 15 weeks?

 Yes you can! As previously stated, you can do this by setting up additional Direct Debit payments, or call into our office to settle your loan early.

What will my repayments be if I opt into hello15?

If you decide you would like to pay off your loan without incurring any interest, the amount that you originally borrowed will simply be divided into 15. For example 

  £800 / 15 weekly repayments = £53.33 a week.

       FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON SNAP FINANCE AND OUR PRODUCT HELLO15, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE:                                                                                          www.snapfinance.co.uk

Representative Example: Cost of Goods £915, Deposit £15, Amount of Credit £900, Annual Fixed Interest Rate 69.75%,                    Weekly Payment £21.03, Term 65 Weeks, Total Payable £1381.95, Representative APR 99.9%

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