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Carpet Edging Service.

THE FLOOR TRADER are proud to offer a unique. . in house carpet edging service where a huge variety of products can be custom made to suit  your budget and requirements.

We are happy to tell you after much trade research we can confirm that in most cases we are 50% - 75% cheaper than other carpet edging manufacturers, again offering a price beating service.

How do we do it? EASY!! We don't send our products away, we manufacture them ourselves, on our own premises, cutting out the middle man. . giving you the best price!!

THE FLOOR TRADER rates are extremely competitive.
With other manufacturers charging £2 per linear foot, we smashed them prices at just £1 per linear foot with even more discount for larger orders.
(huge discounts for trade customers with large quantities. . (See TRADE EDGING further down on this section)

THE FLOOR TRADER offer a unique bespoke service where your choice of product can be made to any size and shape with a huge selection of yarns to get that extra special finish. . . in most cases while you wait.
Below is a list and some photos of the products THE FLOOR TRADER manufacture.

Rugs-Runners-Stair Runners-Caravan Sets



Caravan Sets

Stair Runners

Trade Edging Service.

ATTENTION CARPET RETAILERS Do you have waste and small roll ends of carpets piling up in your warehouse or lockups? Why not turn your unused stocks into quality rugs and runners and make yourself a high income from nowhere, Remember £100 per day sales = £30,000 per year based on 300 trading days. Remember the old saying "money for old rope".

If you bring your carpet cut offs or small ends to us we will give you an on site price on your order. We have a fast efficient turnaround and you could be sitting on a GOLDMINE!!!! Our bet is that you will never throw your old carpet waste away again. . . . ever

THE FLOOR TRADER trade rates are very impressive and you will be pleasantly surprised.